Quality Policy

International Logistics Partners Egypt ( ILP Egypt ) is one of the leading companies in the field of Logistics services provision in Egypt, working all the time not only to keep its leading position in the Egyptian market , but also to match the world standards of performance. For this sake ILP Egypt adopts the following policies:

Meeting customer’s requirements, demands and expectations which leads to customer’s satisfaction from provided services.

Committing to application of ISO 9001/2015 Quality management system to guarantee stable of performance and service quality.

Revision of inputs, outputs and their execution according to pre-set plan.

Revision of System and Performance on regular basis.

Continues improvement of services provided.

Continues improvement of the skill and technical levels of the working stuff, which empowers them of providing the best of customer’s service.

Setting, follow-up and continues improvement of specific and clear goals. Such goals to be set by every department manager and keeping the quality manager responsible of goals fulfilment follow-up regularly.

Working on continues expansion of profile of services that ILP Egypt offers to its customers.

The top management commits to regular revision of quality policy.